First United Methodist Church - Staunton

Our Beginnings

Southwestern Illinois in the early 1800s was sparsely populated. Scattered farms dotted the expansive countryside.

Though neighbors lived some distance from one another, they nevertheless shared a common desire to hear the gospel of the Lord and to thank Him for His bountiful goodness. This desire was often fulfilled by circuit riding preachers.  

And so it was that in 1820, circuit rider Parham Randle came to the area that would eventually become Staunton and, at Richard Chapman's farm, he conducted a Methodist service, the area's first religious service.  

The years that followed seemed to favor the Methodist doctrine and, in 1837, the rapidly developing community of Staunton built its first church--a Methodist Church.


Today, the First United Methodist Church stands on the site of the original Staunton Methodist Church.  Since its beginning, the church has been rebuilt, renovated, and enlarged to accommodate the increasing needs of its expanding congregation.  

What began as a single-floored, one room structure is now a two-storied, multi-purpose building housing not only a sanctuary and a steeple but also an office, kitchen, nursery, meeting rooms, choir box, organ and piano and myriad utility spaces.  

Come join us. All are welcome!